Brighten A Room By Mirrors

Although you decorated the whole house by hiring special interior decorator but still you forget about doing perfect lighting. Then what will be the use of all this decoration? Remember, like proper home decoration appropriate lighting is also important because one is complimentary to other. Without bright lights all the decoration becomes dull as lighting gives the finishing touch. So don’t forget to do proper lighting.

You need to give good care on lighting if your house is smaller than you want. Always keep in your head that as proper lighting can make your small house bigger similarly improper lighting can ruin the look of your big house. However, lighting and mirrors have an implicit connection. If you succeed to juxtapose both these factors then your house will look really bigger than its real size. So, here are some tips to brighten a room by mirrors.

Try to place a mirror in front of a window or light: When you place a mirror in front of a window or light source the reflection of light will easily scatter throughout the whole room. When you keep decor mirrors across a light fixture it will create a glare which becomes harsh to our eyes. But when you keep the mirror on the opposite side of a window, it will reflect natural light in total room and the room will look brighter than before. So, you can have a brighter room without switching on the light.

Choose appropriate size of mirror: It is a fact that the bigger the mirror the greater light it can bounce off. But most of the people do the same mistake. In order to provide a brighter look to the interiors of their houses they bought only oversized and full length mirrors. But necessarily all rooms don’t need full length and oversized mirrors. When you are about to decorate the restroom you need not to buy a full length one. Rather it is better to buy a small square mirror with a square frame.

You may also set an oval shaped mirror for the restroom. Similarly, know where round mirrors will be perfect. If the living room is not so big, then you should not buy oversized mirrors. So, before you buy a mirror make sure the size your house need.

Consider the style of your room: Before selecting a mirror don’t forget to consider the style of your room. If you bought something traditional for decorating the room, then make sure that the room contains some trendy art pieces or show pieces. You can use sofas that are wooden and designed traditionally.