Common Problems Related To Water Main

Water main problems are intermittent and it’s a common complaint of many householders today. With the help of some of the basic tips, you will understand the exact problem in the water line and how to rectify the same. Water main is the main pipe which supplies water to your home. Cracks and holes may form in a water main gradually and is an outcome of external corrosion through frost and soil. Water pipes are always under pressure and hence a break in water main leads to water flow outside the pipe which begins to flow at the surface level. The surface level can be the lawn, bathroom, basement or the balcony of your home. It may also cause water contamination which is harmful to everyone. It is important to discontinue use of home appliances and avoid drinking water from the unit when the problem occurs.

Turn off the water fixtures in time

When you notice mildew or wet spots on the walls and floors, it means that there is leakage in the water main. Leaks are mostly located in areas that are hard to reach. The best way to figure out that there is a leakage is to turn off all the fixtures and check the meter. This way, you can check if the water flow is on or off or simply hire an professional emergency plumber to check and fix the problem.

Water valve leakage

A leaky water valve is another common issue. There are some water valves like gate valves which are more susceptible to leakage. In order to stop the leak, you can tighten the packing nut to stop the leakage. Besides, you can add extra washers or replace the existing one with the new one. In the majority of cases, such as leakage problems, blocked drains Woden and other related to plumbing problems, one should hire a professional. If the valve needs a replacement; it needs to be done by professionals. A leak when goes unnoticed in the water main can lead to structural damage which may include your walls and floorings, mold issues, and also lead to wastage of water. It contaminates the environment on the whole and increases your utility bills.

Act immediately

To detect if there is leakage or not, it needs specialized skills and hence it’s important to consult a good company who can permanently fix the issue. Such problems only get bigger when it’s overlooked. Therefore, one should take immediate steps to diagnose the problem rather than anticipating that it would get fixed on its own.