Furnishing With Recycled Wood Pieces: Worth It?

The next time you need to buy new furniture for your home, you may want to take a look at purchasing something made of recycled wood. Why is that? There are some things regarding recycled wood which you may not know, especially when used for making furniture. All of these may be of interest to you if you want to make your home look good and stylish, while also trying to be eco-friendly.Some of the advantages of purchasing reclaimed furniture for sale are given below for you to go through (If you didn’t know, reclaimed is the term specifically used to differentiate furniture made of recycled wood from conventional furniture).

Stronger than Currently Available Wood

This statement is sure to confuse people when they hear it for the first time. After all, how can someone expect recycled wood to be much stronger structurally than a new piece of wood that has been obtained from a recently cut down tree not too long ago? There is a reason for this, and it is quite interesting: recycled wood mostly comes from old buildings and other wooden structures that are going to be demolished. At that time, wood was mostly obtained from fully grown and mature trees. Contrast that to now, where a high market competition has made it quite difficult to satisfy demand while ensuring trees reach full maturity. As such, wood from newer trees is not as strong or resilient, even when considering the age gap.

Less Prone to Warping and Expansion

Due to the fact that recycled wood has already expanded and contracted in the past, it will be able to have higher tolerances when it comes to warping, which means that you are less likely to experience potential damage and splitting when opting for bedside tables for sale made out of reclaimed wood. This particular factor is important for a lot of furniture pieces, and reclaimed wood is once again the clear winner.

Looks Better Overall

Reclaimed wood, with all the time it took it to reach full maturity, will exhibit unique markings and other peculiar features when compared to newer timber panels. This alone will give reclaimed wooden furniture more character and appeal, including a possibly antiquated look. Simply put, reclaimed wood has a lot more depth to it due to the fact that it has been around for so long.

Helps the Environment

Deforestation is a serious issue on a global basis, and opting for reclaimed wood means that fewer trees will be cut down to make furniture. Although this doesn’t entirely prevent deforestation, it is still a small step we all can take to reduce it somehow.