How To Have A Great Housewarming Party

It’s always an ultimatum to make a smooth transition when moving out. You have to check your finances, make sure your valuables are all boxed and everything is plastic wrapped. You can now move out peacefully and enjoy your new house.It’s a new town, new place and new faces. You have just moved in to your new house. It’s your first day at a completely different and strange place. This is the time that you decide that you want to get to know the people around you and make new friends. The best way to do this is to host an amazing housewarming party that will entice all the people in your surroundings to attend it. But this is your first ever housewarming party and you’re not sure about the dos and don’ts. Read on to find a few suggestions to make your party a memorable one.

Unpack your boxes

You would have just moved in and you still have boxes sprawled across the floor. It’s important that you unpack and clean before the party. You don’t want your guests entering a house full of boxes. It may be the first day that you have come home, but there still could be cleaning to do in your new place. You would have already have experience in your previous house with cheap bond cleaners in Brisbane who handled the mess. It would be ideal to hire cleaners to your new house and leave it spotless.


Have a count of people that you want to invite to this party. It could be your family and friends that you love to show off the new place to and the new neighbors in your surroundings. Keep a count and send in the invitations weeks prior to the party.


If you can afford to hire caterers to do the job for you, you can leave it to them to make your party delightful one. First impressions always lasts long and you want to make a good impression to your new neighbors. Make sure you have a rundown of the kind of foods that they like to eat. There could be vegetarians looking for delicacies of their own taste buds.


Move around the furniture’s and make place to have an amazing buffet table or if it’s a game night to have games and entertain the guests. A good party will have a brilliant decorations. Don’t overdo with the balloons and banners. Keep it pretty straightforward and let your party guests enjoy.Plan on a time and day that is most convenient to everyone to attend the party. A huge number makes the event more interesting. Don’t worry if you have juice spills and confetti thrown over the new house, you can always hire professional carpet cleaning to make your mornings less hectic with the mess on the floors.This a great way to meet new people and introduce yourself to your neighbors. The people would warm up to you and be more comfortable with you. It’s in fact it’s the best way to start your new life in a new place.