How To Make Your Temporary Accommodations Feel Like Home?

Are you planning on moving away from home? Will you be having temporary accommodations until you come back? Do you regret that stark temporary feeling you know it will have? If so, maybe we can help out a little. Here are a few tips to make your temporary accommodations feel like home…! 

Start by stop thinking of it as temporary

One of the biggest mistake most of us make when it comes to our temporary accommodations, is thinking of it as temporary. Sure, you are not going to be living there for years; but that shouldn’t stop you from “living” there. get that router, buy those pretty curtains and invest a little time and effort in the garden. Trust us; if you plan on living here for more than 6 months, this is an extremely important tip to remember.

Make it a warmer and more inviting place

A warm home automatically becomes more inviting. And making sure your temporary place of living is warm and inviting is the best way to feel less depressed when you walk into an empty house at the end of a long day. First, make sure you have the right kind of heater installed. And while you are at it, consider buying yourself a portable water heater for the shower as well. Buying shaggy rugs online Australia is another way that you can easily make your home much cozier. If you are the knitting or the crocheting type, make few projects to help warm the place up…while having fun at the same time…! 

Bring in a few personal items

Most people avoid bringing personal items to their temporary accommodations, simply because it is a pain to lug everything back when they are eventually heading home. However, this adds to that cold feeling of the home. so whether it’s your favorite mug, your blankets or the quality round rugs you like to place next to your bed; bring it all over. If these are simply too troublesome to bring over, go shopping in your new town and buy yourself a few picture frames. Print out a few photographs from your cameral roll, and hang it around; instant personalization of your temporary aboard.

A taste of home

One thing most people miss when saying by themselves, is the taste of home. And it is completely regardless to if you do the cooking back home or some one else does it for you. To have those same tastes, consider taking along with you a few of your favorite foods. Spice packets you use at home, recipes on how to do certain recipes like from home…all these are great to add to your collection.