How To Protect Moldy Carpet Accidents From Becoming Reality

When a slight bit of water spills on your carpets, you could already here your mom yelling at you from the top of her voice. And any person definitely doesn’t want to be on the receiving end of that lecture! The reason is because a moldy carpet is a smelly carpet and so a smelly space (depending on where the carpet is placed). So here are some tips to help you out in minimizing the damage such moldy carpets could do.

Take it off as soon as possible

Once water spills, the damage is already done. And solving it as soon as possible can seriously limit the need to go to an extent of flooded carpet restoration Perth. Here you could try out vacuuming the spot over and over again until it dries up or pat dry the area until the wetness of the place has reduced.

Direct a fan to it

Once you have removed the water to a considerable level (or at least as much as you can), the next thing you could do to avoid further damage from occurring is taking right steps to dry up the considering spot. You could use fans here. Leave the carpet under a fan to let it dry up or use natural means and place it under the scorching sun. This would even get rid of that moldy stench once and for all, better than any fancy carpet cleaning means!

Work with steam cleaning

Another way you could use to skip out on the odor and removing mold is by using the steam cleaning technique. Generally, most carpet damages are also dealt by changing the paddings in it. This way the carpet on the whole is not damaged and it could be used for a longer time. What’s even better is that the cost you have to bear with regards to this, is also not so costly at all!

The dehumidifier trick

This another trick that can help you combat the moldiness from spreading to a worsened extent. By using a dehumidifier, you can dry out the air and remove excess moisture while still maintaining a cool temperature.

Checkup on the furniture

There is always a possibility that moldy carpets could cause damage to your furniture as well. So make sure to check up on your fittings on too. Water could go trickling down the chairs or tables down to one random carpeted corner, so make sure that you also do a thorough check around your home too! Consider the above tricks and use them on your own carpet in case you encounter a moldy situation!