Reasons To Remove Tree Stump

Tree removal usually consists of two parts first cutting down the tree and then removing its stump. But sometimes you see people don’t remove the stumps, as it can cost additional money. But keeping the stump in the ground seems harmless and anyone can think it can be taken care later. Stump removal should also be carried along with best tree loppers in Geelong and it is sensible to hire professional stump removal services for the same. As novice person will not be properly able to uproot the stump or may cause damage to other plants in surrounding during the process.  But there are few reasons that it shouldn’t be left in the ground longer;


You will never hear these words from any of the guests in your house that stump in your ground looks great or can I take a picture with this tree pruning Werribee. The stump in-ground ruin the landscape of your lawn, garden or parking area. They don’t look aesthetically pleasing also seems like an unfinished thing in your area. When you have removed the tree to make your house or area, look better then why to leave the stump in the ground. That will be continuously reminding you that the job is not completed or done properly


Sometime stumps can be safety hazards. You can find your kids or guest tripping over it. Especially in the night time, if you are in a hurry and unable to notice the stump in the way, that also makes you fall. Why keep anything in your walking field which can hurt by its existence.


When the stump starts getting decay, it will attract insects. Thes insects will not only make the home at the stump but they can also damage the neighbouring plants or trees. If left unattended for a longer period, this can turn in health hazard for you and your family. Especially insects like termite can damage all the trees in your home and if your building structure is made of wood then it will also not be immune from it.


The stump of the newly cut tree is breeding ground for sucker growth. These ground suckers will be feeding on the nutrients from other plants. If they were not removed or sprayed then they can turn into bushes which will be ruining the look of your landscape and will damage other plants around.


Many a time you will cut the tree because its a carrier of plant disease which has deteriorated its condition and health. To prevent the spread of disease in other plants, you have removed the tree. But if the stump remains there, then the same disease can be spread via stump also.