Tips And Ideas To Make A Small Space Look Bigger

Are you worried that you have only a small space for your home or office? Well, although it is technically impossible to increase the size of the space, you can make the space appear bigger with the choice of paint and the way natural lighting has been used. Read below to learn some tips and ideas to make a small space look bigger than it really is!

Painting light colours

The choice of paint you use for the walls has one of the biggest effects on how big the space looks. For instance, a smaller space will look bigger than it actually is if you paint the walls in light shades. Especially the colour white has the ability to make the space look bigger than it actually is. You should always paint lighter shades congested spaces. You can even use different shades on the different walls to give it a nice contrast as well!

Using natural lighting

Any house looks better if the proper lighting is used. Whether it is natural or artificial, when there is bright lighting used the space will look bigger than it actually is. You can also make use of the natural lighting to make the space look bigger. If you are still in the construction stage then you have the option of planning the windows and even and open space for the roof to let the natural light flow in. Always keep in mind that natural lighting is very instrumental in making a space look better and of course bigger. You can also have built in cupboards to save space! Visit this link for more info on built in cupboards Castle Hill.

Bespoke or tailor made furniture

When you have tailor made furniture like custom wardrobes Sydney to fit perfectly according to the available space then the area will look much better and bigger. It is best that you get all the furniture tailor made to only fit your requirement and also to fit the space perfectly . You should always opt for furniture that doesn’t take up much space. And make sure that all the furniture compliment each other and not look out of the place!


When you have only a small space you should never over crowd with things and you should always make as much space in-between the furniture as possible. Don’t forget to accessorize the place as well. But use only a few. If you opt for wall hangings, go for one that contrasts well against the background. Table ornaments are also a good way to increase the look of the space. But keep in mind that when you over crowd the space it only makes it look smaller!