Tips On Troubleshooting Your TV

A television set is one of the most sold electronic device that you will find. But just like all electronics, it is susceptible to faults that could lead to damage or to stop it from working altogether. There are many possible faults that could occur, some of them quite simple, whereas others may require replacements of parts or other hardware fixes. Below are some of the more common problems that you may encounter and how you can fix them.

No access to TV channels

This may be a common issue if you just bought your television, as the channels don’t come preprogramed. To gain access to your television channels, first you will need to ensure proper antenna installation in Perth as this is vital to gain access to your local television channels. Make sure that the connections are all properly inserted and that there is no interference. This is also applicable if you are using a television package or satellite television as well. After ensuring proper connection, the next thing you’d want to do is to search for your local TV channels. You can either do this automatically, where the channels are scanned and randomly allocated to channel numbers on your television when a clear station is found, or you can choose to do this manually if you plan on allocating them to a specific channel. The frequencies will vary depending on your location, so there are no frequencies that you can use.

No Audio

If you find that you are not getting any audio output from your television, then you may first want to check the volume settings on your television. This can usually be adjusted with the volume rocker on your remote. Apart from this, you may want to press the mute button, in case you have muted your TV. If none of these fix the problem properly, then it could be due to a problem with the audio output of your television or external audio output. In the case of speakers, you should check that the auxiliary cable is working fine, by checking it with another device. You could use this to check the functionality of the speakers as well. If the issue is with the television speakers, then you should contact the TV company or electrician to inspect the fault.

Poor picture quality

Another issue that is quite common is having poor picture quality on your television. This could be due to numerous factors, such as your antennas not being properly located or placed or even due to the settings on your television. Most modern TVs will come with predefined settings that you can toggle between. These will have different contrasts and brightness that it will vary from. If you wish to tweak the settings to a more specific level then you may want to manually fine tune these settings until you are happy with the picture quality. If changing the settings does not rectify this, you may need to relocate your antenna or change the direction that it is facing until you get better quality reception. These are just a few of the problems that commonly occur with Televisions, but some of the most common as well.