Tricks To Make Your Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Today we live in a world where time and space both are getting smaller. The crowd of people in big cities is creating a space problem. We often live in small apartments where space is truly limited. Utilizing this space wisely is very important for convenience. The same is the problem with the bath. While everyone tries to find some relaxation here at the end of a hectic day, it may seem too small. Remodeling bathroom is a new trend. Not only styling, but giving the bathroom a whole new aspect can be done through bathroom improvement Canberra. Even small bathrooms can be made to appear bigger with certain tricks.

Use lights wisely:

If a bathroom is small, it can appear bigger with the help of lights. Lack of illumination makes things look smaller. It is wise to install lights. Solar tubes can be used as they will light up your bath while it is cost effective at the same time.

Pedestal basin:

There are vanity and cabinet system in many bathrooms. These structures consume space and are not good option for small bathrooms. Pedestal basin can solve this problem. They consume less space to create more space in your bathroom. But installing it is going to demand changes in pipes and wires. So before installing it, consult for bathroom renovations in canberra and only then start digging the walls.

Install frameless shower glass:

Shower curtains are an obstacle to the eyes. Installing shower glass is a good option. It creates a flow which is beautiful. On the other hand, frameless shower glass works even better. The absence of frame makes it look more elegant. Glass reflects light. If shower glass is installed for your bath, it will reflect light and this will make your bathroom appear bigger. It also becomes brighter which elevates the look of your bath.


Tiles are widely used in bathrooms. While many colors and shapes look very elegant while on the show, they may not appear as beautiful in your space. It is very necessary to choose proper color for making your bathroom appear bigger. Light colored tiles reflect lights and make the space look bigger. Less grout lines can create an illusion of lot of space. The walls must be painted with colors which match with the tiles better.

Use proper mirrors:

A mirror in bathroom looks great. Placing it properly can make a beautiful impression. There are mirrors of various shapes and sizes available in the market. Making your mirror the focal point will enhance the looks.