Winter Is Coming – Everywhere Else

Except for the few countries fortunate enough to have mild weather for Christmas, every other country that goes through the four seasons are now overhauling their wardrobes, their furniture and their minds in order to get ready for a cold winter. With all the extreme weather conditions we have seen this year, it is quite possible that we too will need to cry, “winter is coming!” In order to face the coming winter here are a few things that people will be doing:

Warm in Body

As the golden leaves fall off the trees, people will be moving onto heavy wests, long sleeved tops, thick trousers and warm coats. The thickness of the material helps trap a layer of air between the skin and the clothes. This, then becomes warmer thanks to body heat and it helps insulate us against the cold. Quilt cover sets Australia serve the same purpose for bedding. Without warmer clothes winter can be a harsh experience, as many people find when they migrate from warmer countries near the equator to countries further north.

Warm in Living

Changing all the furniture in the house for every seasonal change is a but extreme; not to mention, expensive. Instead people add certain articles of furniture or equipment that helps keep them warm through a long winter’s night. People hit the streets and shops looking for heaters, electric blankets and high end sheet sets in Australia. These items can be sold off in spring or put into storage till the next winter. By changing a few items of furniture around their houses will be winter ready in a matter of days. In some cases, people also roll out thicker carpets to prevent the cold seeping up through the ground.

Warm in Mind

The power of the mind is an amazing thing. There are stories of prisoners in the Serbia, one of coldest regions on earth, surviving years of imprisonment and hardship on nothing but a single quote and the power of their minds. Hanging out with friends, doing something they love or simply keeping busy through physical exertion can occupy your mind enough to distract it from the cold. If you are along try thinking happy thoughts of warm food and warmth. This will trick your mind into recreating and re-feeling the way you felt when your surroundings were warmer.When winter comes and the cold wind blows those who prepare themselves for the experience look to keeping warm in body, in their homes and in their mind. What will you do?